“SABANIS specialises in creating bespoke fine jewellery that narrates your most precious story. Each creation is meticulously handcrafted in our workshop, using the highest quality diamonds and unique coloured gemstones.

Our in-house Bespoke Service is designed to help you create your own dream jewellery or diamond engagement ring from scratch. This will be the most emotional purchase you will ever make.”

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The Jewellery Making Journey

Design and craftsmanship lie at the heart of SABANIS. All pieces are made in our own workshop, in downtown Athens, by expert craftsmen, who the company has been working with, for years. The crafting process begins with designing each piece or collection, based on research into techniques, materials, and aesthetic references. Using digital design tools, the two-dimensional design is transformed into a three-dimensional rendering model. The latter is then turned into a casting wax model which allows for the identification of potential optical and technical flaws, like fitting. After the wax model is perfected, our expert goldsmiths then cast and carve the gold and set certified diamonds and colored gemstones from our handpicked collection.

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Create your own engagement ring

To create a unique engagement ring you can always work together with us in-store and find the perfect diamond, based on the 4C’s and the budget you may have. On sabanis.com you can create your own engagement ring by using our online ring builder tool. You can also discover our ready-to-wear engagement rings and select the stone that fits your needs. Our diamond experts search for the highest-quality diamonds in the world. All our diamonds are certified by GIA, IGI and HRD, so you can be confident and secure, either buying online or in-store.

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Create bespoke jewellery in store

Either you commemorate a special occasion or desire a truly personalised piece of jewellery, we are delighted to assist you in exploring the various options available. From creating a Bespoke Piece from scratch, to personalising an existing item from our collection, we offer a wide range of alternatives for you to consider. Add a meaningful engraving to one of our designs or collaborate with our knowledgeable team to craft a truly bespoke piece. You have the freedom to design your jewellery exactly as conceived by you, while staying within the desired budget. Choose from our selection of handpicked certified diamonds and colored gemstones to bring your vision to life and create truly unique pieces of jewellery, full of meaning for your beloved ones.

Bring your dream piece to life with SABANIS!